Bruce Bo Ding | 丁博

Bruce Bo Ding (aka TEIHAKU) received his MSc from the University of Edinburgh and is now an artist, convener and translator. Involved with various artistic and social practices, he often switched among different roles to work in different contexts and territories in order to disrupt unnecessary barriers. For the past few years, Ding has been researching and practising “Art as Connection”, and he is now working on a project about technology, senses and body.  

Ding is the curator of "Mediated Body and Embodied Technologies" (2016) and the academic chair of “Body Plasticity” (2014). He has also worked for many contemporary art exhibitions including "Psychoprosa" (2016), "My Lagerstatte" (2015), "the 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale" (2014), "Animism"(2013), etc. 

He is the director and dramaturge of "Wake Up To Dream"(2016), a performative critique of technology and body; and producer and performer of "Weed"(2016), “World Factory” (first and second edition, 2014-2016), “Apple and Moon”(2015). Ding's translated works include Cartographies of Contemporary Life (by Peter Pál Pelbart, 2015), "Disrupting the Myths of Globalisation and the Chinese Workers" (by Shannon Steen, 2016).



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