Bruce Bo Ding | 丁博

Bruce Bo Ding (aka TEIHAKU) received his MSc from the University of Edinburgh and is now an independent curator and artist based in Guangzhou. Involved in various artistic and social practice, he often switches roles to work in different contexts and territories in order to disrupt unnecessary barriers.

Especially, his practice has been revolved around concepts of embodied experience, technological mediation, and alternative modes of organization/production. And his works have been shown in various institutions including the Power Station of Art, Shenzhen Media Art Festival, and Ming Contemporary Art Museum.

As an recent member of the PRD independent art scene, Ding has also been collaborating with other institutions and trying to initiate more exchange and discourse in the region.

In addition, he is also a prolific translator of contemporary art and a contributor to various media, including Artforum China, Art World, Art Coco, ArtShard.



email: bruceonart(at)
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telegram channel: In The Flow