Wake Up To Dream|梦醒入梦 (2016)


Wake Up To Dream (2016)

Performance | 表演

Director& Dramaturge: Bruce Bo Ding

Dance: Anneliese Charek, Rachael Eliott
Interaction: What’s Media Lab
Sound: Yu Xueqing
Stage/Light/Video: Bruce Bo Ding



Everything you can imagine is real. - Pablo Picasso

Technology has always been influencing the form and intensity of our experience while at the same time changing our imagination of the future. Such imagination includes a sort of high-spirited progressivism but also implies an ambivalence which could be partly attributed to the re-understanding of reality: from photoshopped selfies to AI lover, from social personas to virtual identities, we have re-shaped reality and our relationship with it. When information loses its body and action is modulated by technologies, “virtual” has reclaimed its original meaning, that is the potential or force to develop into actual existence. 

This work is a performative response to the current situation and a rehearsal of possible relations between the live modes of existence and generative representation. When sound, image, body and program are all “performers” and “agents” on the stage, what we want to create is a real dream. 

And when we wake up, are we not facing nothing but another dream?