Meridian of Fortune | 財經二周天 (2018)






In ancient Chinese, Jing (經) means thread, path, and method; and Cai (財) is what is treasured and utilized by people. Therefore, the meaning of so-called “Cai Jing” (財經) is the strategies that seek fortune and the ability to analyze/discern gain and loss. ASMR is a practice that is able to stimulate the listener’s perception and arouse meridian responses through the sensory system. Meridian of Fortune blends the tao of finance with ASMR, the process of which helps the body and mind wander while coming to see the ordinary and its variations with more clarity and wisdom. It has been said: those who are not in tune with the circulation of heaven and earth are unable to ease the flow of their meridian channels; those who do not find unity between body and spirit cannot manage their wealth. So position yourself between the illusory and the real, and gather the flow between external and internal--that is the way to Meridian of Fortune. 

To survive, one must consider how to live; and to live, one must possess wealth. And so, the tao of finance becomes an important lesson for every living person. In order to better manage your relationship with fortune, one has to study relevant knowledge and maintain a good attitude. Hundreds and Thousands of people seek this path but very few reach a sound level of practice. It is justified to say that the tao of finance is truly a process of self-cultivation. 

Self-cultivation is often a journey full of hardship that requires a peaceful mind and clear spirit; but oftentimes, clarity still cannot be achieved despite the long hours of hard thinking and meditation. Meridian of Fortune offers an alternative path that tempers the severity of Cai Jing with the gentleness and relaxing quality of ASMR. In this method, climax eases the pain. Meridian of Fortune seeks to cultivate and enter the listener’s state of half-asleep-and-half-awake, searching for a space where the mind and body become one and the body and nerves are relaxed. In this space of consciousness, let flow the meridians of wealth. 

ASMR and Cai Jing- two ideas that do not appear to be related- actually imply underlying connections. The word Jing (經) in Cai Jing (財經), means “method” or “route”, which originally referred to the vertical thread in weaving that serves to connect the fiber together. The gist of Jing is fluidity which also reconciles with the meridian and flow of circulation in a body while the feeling and sensation evoked by the sound of ASMR is also a kind of meridian response. For me, ASMR is like a mystic practice that is not yet fully understood but is full of charisma. ASMR is often used for hypnosis and it is also the key to the aforementioned state between dream and awakeness. Furthermore, Cai (fortune) and sleep are also subtly connected. Most people of the working class earn their wage by working while they are awake; sleep, therefore, becomes a time when the flow of fortune is suspended. The wealth of the rich is, however, continue to accumulate even while they are sleeping. The integration of ASMR and Cai Jing may entice a potentiality that brings the “productive sleep” to every listener. 

Instead of thinking it through, you could as well just relax. The fluidity of body might just become a path towards a kind of understanding.