Sonic Kitchen|声音厨房 (2017)

Sonic Kitchen (2017) is a multi-facet project exploring the epistemological potential of sound. It was first performed in Shanghai as a full dining experience, and has been shown since as sound installation in Shanghai and Shenzhen.


Sound Installation | Recorder, Headphones, Chair | Dimensions variable | 2016

Our sensory experiences are normally dominated by vision, which, at the same time, shapes our understanding of the world. In this project, sound has become an alternative epistemological system, bringing us back to hybrid and fused realities in which our sensorium is sharpened. Through the traslation of medium, it responses to our relationship with technology and ways of constructing reality. By intervening the process of food-making, an everyday situation is transformed into an idiosyncratic and unknown experiment, engendering new connections and experiences of the participants.

Sonic Kitchen  in Shenzhen

Sonic Kitchen in Shenzhen

Sonic Kitchen  in Shanghai

Sonic Kitchen in Shanghai